Gun pulled during dispute at business

A dispute over prices paid for antiques led to a tense confrontation Monday on West Park Avenue.

Police responded to Antique Wholesalers, 527 W. Park Ave., after store owner David Pitts called them.

Pitts and a man identified as Kevin Braswell of Cookeville, Tennessee, got into an argument after Braswell alleged that “David didn’t pay him enough for what he bought,” said Greenwood Police Chief Ray Moore.

“David pulled a baseball bat on him, and he pulled a pistol on David,” Moore said.

No arrests were made.

Pitts said this morning that he later filed an affidavit against Braswell for displaying a firearm.

Pitts said the antique transaction had nothing to do with Braswell. Rather, it was the man’s grandmother — described by Pitts as “sharp and clear” mentally — whom he dealt with on the transaction.

Braswell was confrontational from the start, Pitts said.

“After I asked him to leave, I told he was going to leave one way or the other,” Pitts said.

Pitts called the police and also got a baseball bat. Shortly after that, Braswell pulled a handgun and “pointed it right in my face,” Pitts said.

“I guess he was going to scare and intimidate me,” he said.

Pitts said he intends to inform Tennessee  and federal law enforcement agencies about Braswell’s actions.

“If he pulled a gun on me, imagine what he might do,” Pitts said.

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