Indian Commission to check Amazon over illegal preference complaint

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MOSCOW, Aug 26 – RAPSI. The Competition Commission of India (CCI) received a collective complaint against Amazon, in which more than 2,000 local independent online retailers accused the American company of violating the country’s antitrust laws and dishonest business practices, Reuters reported.

world’s largest e-commerce platform

According to the position of the applicants, the owner of the world’s largest e-commerce platform is secretly helping large retailers, whose products are subsequently offered to residents of the country at significant discounts, which, in turn, is crowding out independent sellers from the market, who cannot compete with this approach. to pricing.

In particular, the situation with Cloudtail is given as an example. Claimants claim that Amazon India buys goods in bulk from manufacturers and sells them to Cloudtail at a loss. These sellers then offer these products on the marketplace at great discounts, and also pay the American company a lower percentage of sales.

Neither side has yet commented on the situation, Reuters points out. At the same time, Amazon has repeatedly noted that it complies with all Indian laws and treats all sellers on its platform equally.

US company

Today’s complaint is not the first time that a US company that has invested more than $ 6.5 billion in India has been accused of dishonest business practices in the country. So, in January of this year, CCI initiated a review of whether the discount practices of Flipkart (owned by Walmart) and Amazon comply with foreign investment laws.

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