Indian Low-Cost Carrier IndiGo Begins Door-To-Door Bag Service


Low-cost giant IndGo has launched a new door-to-door bag service in selected cities. From this month onwards, passengers flying from New Delhi and Bangalore can avail the service, with Bangalore and Mumbai coming soon. The service has been priced at ₹630 ($8.5) each way, a reasonable price for the ease of flying bag-free.

IndiGo A320neo
IndiGo has become the latest airline to offer a new door-to-door baggage delivery service. Photo: Getty Images

Bag drop

IndiGo has become the latest airline to begin offering door-to-door baggage transfers to passengers traveling with the airline, known as 6EBagport. The service allows travelers to check their bags in from home and receive them at the destination, albeit with some steps in the middle.

The service launched on 1st April and is currently available in New Delhi-NCR (including Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, and Ghaziabad) and Hyderabad. This means only passengers flying between Delhi and Hyderabad (or vice-versa) can use the two-way service. IndiGo plans to add both Mumbai and Bangalore as destinations in the coming months.

IndiGo A320 Getty
Currently, only passengers in Delhi, the National Capital Region, and Hyderabad can use 6EBagport. Photo: Getty Images

To incentivize passengers to use the service, IndiGo has priced one-way transfers for just ₹630 ($8.5). This means your bags will be picked up and checked in at the departing airport or dropped off home after your flight. So how exactly does the process work?

How it works

For those considering using the service, it’s important to know how the service works. Once you’ve booked your flights, travelers can head to the 6EBagport website to add the service. The service itself is run by CaterPorter, a Bangalore-based logistic firm that offers transfers to other airlines too.

For departing passengers, once you’ve booked your slot, you will have to complete a security declaration. Since the bag remains outside the passenger’s hands from the day before, extra rules are in place for security. Once formalities are complete, your bag is picked up a day before the flight and taken to the airport.

The service hopes to eliminate the difficulties of juggling luggage while traveling. Photo: Getty Images

Notably, passengers have to meet a CarterPorter representative before entering the terminal to verify their bag. The bag is then checked in normally and on its way to the destination. Due to the current situation, the firm wraps all bags in two layers of plastic packing and offers contactless documentation for safety purposes.

For travelers using the bag transfer service on arrival, the procedure is simpler. Pick up your bag at the belt upon arrival and hand it over to a CarterPorter representative. The bag is then packed and sent to your residence!

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Why use it?

The service has a few benefits. The first is that traveling without large suitcases makes the process much more seamless. The lack of bags means that taking public transport becomes far more convenient and less stressful. The lower cost and convenience make the service well worth it for the price.

However, there are some drawbacks too. The service is clearly not seamless and requires travelers to check and handover their bags several times. For those taking private transport to the airport, this service may not make much sense. However, if you have large or multiple suitcases, this service is a great addition.

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