Petrol, diesel prices slashed again today. Here’s what you need to pay in your city


Prices of petrol and diesel were slashed on Tuesday (30 March) by oil marketing companies (OMCs). State-run OMCs have cut petrol and diesel prices by 22 paise and 23 paise, respectively.

Petrol price in New Delhi currently stands at 90.56 per litre as against 90.78 on Monday while diesel is available for 80.87 a litre as compared with 81.10 yesterday’s price, state-run oil refiner Indian Oil Corporation’s (IOL) website showed.

The revised rates of petrol and diesel in Mumbai stand at 96.98 per litre and 87.96 per litre respectively.

People in Kolkata will have to pay 90.77 for a litre of petrol. A litre of diesel costs 83.75, 23 paise less than Monday’s price.

In Chennai, petrol became 19 paise cheaper on Tuesday and is selling at 92.58 per litre while diesel prices were slashed toRs 85.88, 22 paise less than yesterday’s price of 86.10 a litre.

Petrol rates in other major cities are — Noida ( 88.91), Bengaluru ( 93.59), Hyderabad ( 94.16), Jaipur ( 97.08), Lucknow ( 88.85) and Patna ( 92.89), as per data from the IOL website.

Diesel prices in other major cities are — Noida ( 81.33), Bengaluru ( 85.75), Hyderabad ( 88.20), Jaipur ( 89.35), Lucknow ( 81.27) and Patna ( 86.12).

The petrol and diesel rates are usually revised on a daily basis in line with benchmark international prices and foreign exchange rates.

The domestic fuel prices vary across states due to the value-added tax or VAT. OMCs – Bharat Petroleum, Indian Oil Corporation and Hindustan Petroleum – align the prices of domestic fuel with global benchmarks by taking into account any alterations in the foreign exchange rates.

Any changes in petrol and diesel prices are implemented with effect from 6 am each day.

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